Everyone thinks of that ‘classic stiff corporate portrait’ when they hear the word ‘Headshot’, but it’s so much more than that!!

There are so many ways to shoot a headshot. Candid, serious, posed, indoors, outdoors, looking at the camera, looking away from the camera, dressed up, dressed down… there are no rules!

All that matter is that your headshot and branding photos represent YOU!! That it’s a true reflection of your personality and brand.

Headshots don’t need to be just for work either! Social media pages, website bios, dating profiles…. you can’t go wrong with an updated professional portrait!

Your Session

Before your session, we will discuss all the above! What look you’re going for, what style of headshot suits you best, how you want to showcase yourself, What to Wear, where to shoot… all to ensure your headshot is the perfect representation of YOU!

I am both a natural light and artificial light photographer when it comes to headshots and branding, so we have lots of options of where to shoot!

We can shoot in my private North Vancouver studio, or outdoors, on location in the Lower Mainland. When shooting in studio, there are lots of options for style/background.. plain backdrops (white, black or grey), an office set up, lots of chairs, stools, and two beautiful couches.

If your brand suits an outdoor location or somewhere specific, then let’s do it!

Looking to photograph your team? I can come to you!

Lots of super fun details to discuss, so be sure to get in touch and we can start planning :)


This is our quickest package, perfect for squeezing in on your lunch break ;) This 20 min session is for one individual, will be shot in our North Vancouver Studio, and gives us time to shoot one outfit/look. You will receive 1 final edited digital image (chosen from a private online proof gallery). Your final image is delivered by digital download and will be available in both full resolution and web size.


Looking for a bit more in your package than the Express Headshot? Then this might be just what you need.

This session can take place in our North Vancouver Studio, or on-location in the Lower Mainland. The session is for one person and will be 45 min long, which allows for 2 outfits and if in-studio, time for some background changes (black, white, grey). You will receive 3 professionaly edited digital images (chosen from a private online proof gallery). Your final images are delivered by digital download and will be available in both full resolution and web size.


With up to an hour to shoot, this package really allows for some variety! You’ll have time for multiple outfit changes, and depending on where we shoot, we can move around to mini locations. How many images you receive will depend on what you’re looking for as each Branding Session is unique to the other. For this reason, please get in touch for your Custom Package Quote so this session can truly represent you!


Does your website’s ‘Team’ page have outdated, mismatched headshots?! I’m here to help!! Let’s get that page looking cohesive and professional.  We can shoot individual headshots of everyone on your team. And if you need a group shot, that’s doable too! In- studio, on-location, or at your office.. all are possibilities.

Send me your what you’re looking for, how many people on your team and where you’d like to shoot, and I’ll get back to you with a Custom Quote!


If you’re looking to have your hair, makeup or grooming done for your session, I have some incredible artists that I work with all the time. Services range from $120-150 PER service, and take around 45 min each.


Included retouching: eye clarifying, minor blemish removal, lightening of under eyes and slight skin softening (if desired).

More in-depth retouching is available at an additional cost: stray hair removal, wrinkle diminishing, scar removal, major blemish removal, lightening of red skin, clothing adjustments like wrinkles/stains/colour adjustments/lint removal. Pricing for additional retouching is dependant on severity of editing required.

Travel fees may apply if shooting outside of the Lower Mainland.

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