Hi!  I’m Kia, and I will be your personal hype girl xoxo

Oh my gosh, I am SO excited that you’re here!!! I have so much to share!!!!

First off, feel free to out more about me here. I mean, we might be strangers right now, but will soon be Boudie Sisters! Is that a thing? Hmm, not sure… might need to come up with a different term. What I’m trying to say is, we don’t know each other right now, but you might soon be struttin’ your badass self around in lingerie in front of my camera.  So… I think that is an automatic friendship right? Also, we will be spending all day hanging out and chatting. Literally about everything. And sometimes solving the world’s biggest problems while shooting lingerie and sipping bubbles. Pretty fabulous right??!!

I hope that you’re ready to see yourself the way everyone else sees you … PERFECT and HOT AF!!! Because that’s what’s gonna happen, just a heads up ;)  Also, I don’t want to brag, but I make booty believers out of my clients. Yes, 9 out of 10 clients tell me that they hate their butt in their initial questionnaire… flash forward to the reveal session, and they can’t pick their face booty shot, BECAUSE THEY LOVE THEM ALL!!!! Truth. Yes, I am very proud of this super skill, lol.

Ok, so I have SO much share with you about the Boudoir Experience, about me, about everything! But this is only the main page, so I guess I should wrap it up.  I know that this kind of session comes with so many questions, so much uncertainty, and so many nerves. So I hope that I answer tons of your questions throughout the site. And most of all, I hope know that I’ve got you Girl!!! Let’s do this!!!

Wow!! Is that really me?!!!!! Wowzers woman…you create magic!!!!! I feel glamorous and sexy but still feel that you captured ‘me’ in that pic. I am emotional because that experience was incredibly empowering for me right now at this point in my life, to see that I am sexy and strong and 44 and confident. I love you and your energetic sparkle and your ability to do what you do so well. It is quite deep….. what you do for woman…celebrating their unique beauty….creating an atmosphere of comfort that allows each woman to shine.

Miss A

Best experience ever! Was a gift to myself for my 50th birthday… just for me to look at and remember how much of a babe I really am. It was so empowering… I literally felt like a goddess when I left the session and felt like a super goddess when I saw the final proofs… there were so many good ones I could hardly choose my favourites! Any insecurities I had about my body before I went in are long gone now… watch out world… Kia may have created a monster… in a good way of course :)

Miss J

I was so taken aback today and was fumbling on my words but Kia, I must say you gave me a gift that I can never thank you enough for. You have given me the opportunity to appreciate my body and look at it in a different way that separates it from the disease, pain, scars and trauma. There isn’t the right words to describe my heartfelt gratitude for that. I will forever cherish these photos and this entire experience.
You are SO amazing and talented, you are just an awesome soul.

Miss J

Kia is incredibly good at what she does! The whole experience from start to finish is so professionally and compassionately handled that all your nerves go away. I was worried I was too old at 52 to look amazing and sexy in the photos. But I was wrong! I came away feeling gorgeous and sexy and strong. The shoot day was fun and Kia is fun and encouraging. The reveal was amazing. The photos were so great it was hard to choose. Want to feel good about yourself? Want to see how beautiful you are? Invest in a shoot with Kia. Best thing I have done this year.

Miss T

All images on this site shared with permission xo