FULL DISCLOSURE, I’M GONNA TANGENT ALL OVER THE PLACE HERE!  Legit, I’ve written this piece about myself so many times already. Clearly I have too much to say and want to tell you everything about my life, lol. But there is only a small spot for text! Luckily, I know that when we get to shoot together, we will cover ALL the bases!!!! Your life, my life, maybe even solve some world issues!

As you can tell from my photos, I’m pretty much always laughing or smiling. And these are photos of me working! I am legit fuelled by my passion for photography and the energy of my incredible clients. I LOVE my job!!!

I am introvert that goes into hyper extrovert mode when I shoot. I can’t help myself! I was born to be a hype girl!! And my mission is so make sure every woman knows that her body is HOT AF!!

I could stay here forever and talk about myself, but I’m running out of room! So a few fun nuggets about me…

  • I’m a Mama!!! Obvs had to put this at the top of my list! 16, 14 and 12. They are my favourite people in the whole wide world (cue tears). I just seriously love hanging out with them. They all have the biggest hearts and are truly incredible humans. Oh, and they all still let me give them hugs and kisses in public. Yay!
  • The hubs and I were a hard no on getting a dog, for years. Then I started following some rescue sites. Well, we all know how that story ends.  But, we were going to get a medium sized dog, with black fur, that didn’t shed. We have a large white dog name Annabelle, who seems to shed her entire coat daily. But she is soooooo amazing xo
  • I talk to my mom on the phone almost every day
  • My husband binge watched a Mixology competition when he was down and out with Covid, and has now become obsessed with cocktail making. And I am ALL in. We have a fridge full of homemade syrups, a cupboard overflowing with bottles, and an ice machine on full time. But this mama is not complaining.
  • I could eat napolitana style pizza every day
  • My first paid gig as a photographer was in grade 10 when I had a photo published in a local skate/snowboard magazine. I still have that cheque xo
  • I’ve lived in North Vancouver, BC my whole life and am still in love with this place.

Well that’s me in a super tiny nutshell! Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I have a wee exclamation point problem… !!!