What Clients Are Saying xo

Best experience ever! Was a gift to myself for my 50th birthday… just for me to look at and remember how much of a babe I really am. It was so empowering… I literally felt like a goddess when I left the session and felt like a super goddess when I saw the final proofs… there were so many good ones I could hardly choose my favourites! Any insecurities I had about my body before I went in are long gone now… watch out world… Kia may have created a monster… in a good way of course :)

Miss J

This was hands down the most empowering, eye-opening, and FUN experience you could ask for from a photo shoot!! Not only is Kia INCREDIBLY fun to work with (literally laughing, listening to great tunes, sipping bubbles and having a BLAST the whole time), but she KNOWS what she’s doing. She demonstrates every single pose so you don’t have to worry about a thing! She makes you feel sexy and fabulous and is SO talented at making you feel comfortable. The studio is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, the decor is elegant and modern, and the way Kia works with light is pure MAGIC. Coming in for the reveal appointment and getting to see the raw images was such a beautiful way to come back together again and get to see what you really can look like with the best light, angles, and photography skills (even without any editing!). Honestly, I’m so grateful I chose to do this shoot, and even more grateful to have found someone like Kia to put my trust in. She is AMAZING at what she does, and it shines through her work!

Miss S

I booked Kia for a session to mark a milestone birthday and to give my husband a keepsake (album). I didn’t realize I would end up feeling like a goddess, a model, and a superstar! I felt totally pampered, as if I had spent the day at the spa. Kia is professional, warm, cool, caring, sincere, fun, organized, talented, supportive, creative, detail-oriented, intuitive, and just plain cool. I would do this all over again… and probably will. What a fit to myself (and to my husband).

Miss G

I was so taken aback today and was fumbling on my words but Kia, I must say you gave me a gift that I can never thank you enough for. You have given me the opportunity to appreciate my body and look at it in a different way that separates it from the disease, pain, scars and trauma. There isn’t the right words to describe my heartfelt gratitude for that. I will forever cherish these photos and this entire experience.
You are SO amazing and talented, you are just an awesome soul.

Miss J

What a freakin amazing experience that was today Kia! You are an inspiration to me! I adored every minute of the shoot!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel so special!

Miss A

Kia was so professional and made me feel so comfortable and confident. It was even more fun and empowering than I had expected. I felt sexy and courageous. She made me feel like a total smoke show and now I have the photos to prove it. Kia kept me laughing all day and walked me through every single pose (demonstration each one first herself) and she was so positive and upbeat throughout it all. To be honest, I was sad when it was all over. I felt like it was just a dream, except I was riding a high from our little secret photo shoot! Seeing the photos for the first time was incredible! I couldn’t believe it was me. Kia has a way of getting the perfect angle, pose and lighting to make everyone stand out. My husband thinks it was a surprise gift fo him but honestly it was for me! Every woman should take a chance to feel this proud of their bodies. I’m more confident now after two kids and approaching 40 than I was in my 20’s and I honestly believe this Boudoir Experience helped with that!

Miss S

Absolutely cannot recommend Kia and her amazing photography skills enough! From the moment you meet her, you instantly feel comfortable and at ease. You will laugh and feel like you are with your best friend, all the while having so much fun shooting gorgeous photos. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I am beyond thrilled with how my photos turned out. Don’t hesitate, book with her and will forever
be grateful you did!!

Miss J

This was the best experience!! I seriously want to do it again! It was so empowering and fun! This was all because of you – you are so chill and easy to talk to and pose in front of!! You kept me laughing and feeling confident the whole day!

Miss L

Kia is incredibly good at what she does! The whole experience from start to finish is so professionally and compassionately handled that all your nerves go away. I was worried I was too old at 52 to look amazing and sexy in the photos. But I was wrong! I came away feeling gorgeous and sexy and strong. The shoot day was fun and Kia is fun and encouraging. The reveal was amazing. The photos were so great it was hard to choose. Want to feel good about yourself? Want to see how beautiful you are? Invest in a shoot with Kia. Best thing I have done this year.

Miss Y

It took me a while to admit to myself that I wanted to do this but once I did, there was no turning back! Kia’s pre-session preparation information took away much of the unknown and prepared me to be at my best on the day of the photo session. I absolutely love the photos. I do. But equal to that, was the experience of the day itself. Nothing compares to experiencing oneself, in that way… celebrating the power and beauty of our bodies.

Miss E

Kia will have you feeling beautiful in no time. She’s so pleasant to be around and I never once felt out of place or uncomfortable. I have never felt as confident and beautiful as Kia made me feel.

Miss S