The Session

I am SO excited that we’re talking about your Boudoir Session!!!!!

So, you’ve been thinking about a session, but have tons of questions right? I get it!! This isn’t exactly your typical photo shoot….


I can’t wait to be your photographer and personal hype-girl extraordinaire!!  Light, posing, accentuating a woman’s curves, showing you how truly beautiful you are… also covered. This is my PASSION!!!!

You are so freakin’ perfect, exactly as you are, and I will show you that!!! We are all so hard on ourselves and judge our appearance from magazines, terrible overhead bathroom lighting and checking ourselves out from the worst twisty angles in our bathroom mirrors, lol (guilty!). This is why I’m here!!!!! So you can see what you actually look like. How everyone else sees you…. in all your perfection. Girlfriend, I’VE GOT YOU!

I’m a total oversharer, so be prepared for a lot of details. And whatever you’re wondering about and don’t find the answer to,  please ask me!!!

I want to book but I’m so nervous!

Don’t worry!!! Every single client feels the same way before booking. I promise!
We email a bunch before the shoot, and I have an awesome prep guide that I share with you. It covers everything from exfoliating prior to your shoot, to what to wear. And the prep doesn’t stop there! I have a questionnaire that I send you too. It helps me create the ultimate Boutique Boudoir Experience xo And most importantly, get to know you as much as possible before our super awesome day together.
Nervous about not knowing how to pose or look ‘sexy’? You don’t have to think one second about it!! That’s my job! I pose you, from head to toe, for every shot. For real! I get on the bed or couch or floor, and show the pose myself. Then I direct you from behind the camera… no word of a lie, I will tell you where to put your hands, how to bend your legs, to point your toes, where to look…. I even direct your hair. Ok, I don’t ‘direct’ it obvs, lol, but I fan it out or lay it in just the right spot. I adjust straps, tighten them, loosen them, fix garters, make sure nothing is twisted, pinching, too loose, too light, tags are cut off….. I mean, every detail is covered!! I’ve got you!!!!!
This session is for YOU! To celebrate you, in all your perfection!!! I know it’s not your typical photo shoot… and that’s why it’s so special. This is an EMPOWERMENT EXPERIENCE!!! One that will leave you finally seeing yourself as the stunning, fearless, goddess that you are!!!

What do I wear?

Ohhhh it’s endless!!! From simple bra and underwear sets to complicated strappy outfits… Truly, ANYTHING GOES!!!! Not in to lingerie? No big deal! I’ve got tons of outfit ideas for you. Want those timeless sheets shots for one of your looks? I’ve got those! Worried that you have to do a nude shot? Hells no!!!!! Those are specifically requested, so absolutely zero need to do them! Don’t feel like shopping for lingerie? Hello Client Closet… I’ve got some beautiful pieces waiting for you at the studio, ranging from size S – 3X. Oh, and heels too, cause if you’re like me, and live in sneaks and flip flops, heels aren’t something I keep in my closet. I have those at the studio too! I’ll share all my tips and tricks for what to bring! And most importantly, decide together, at the shoot, what you feel your absolute BEST in!!!!

Do I have to do my own hair + makeup?

Heck no!! This is a Boutique Boudoir Experience!!! Hair and makeup are included in your session. And, not to brag, but I have hand selected the most incredible hair and makeup stylists. Legit!! Not only for their skill level and experience, but also because they are just SO fun to hang out with!! My goal is that your session feels like you’ve been hanging out with your besties all day!!  Spoiler alert, we may actually become besties…

PRO TIP… make sure to make plans for the night of your shoot! Why let your  fabulous hair + makeup go to waste just because the shoot is over?!

Where do we shoot?

Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for you to see my studio!!! All my Boudoir Sessions are shot there. It’s private, and all female fun.  My studio is located in beautiful North Vancouver, BC. Fun fact, I have lived here all my life and still find it as gorgeous as ever.

I shoot Monday to Friday, with all sessions starting at 9:30am and ending around 2pm. This is a Boutique Boudoir Experience! You’ll start off your day in the hair and makeup chair, which will take about 1.5 hrs.  Then we have the fun part of choosing your wardrobe!  There is no rushing today… it’s a day of pampering and relaxation (and a full body workout because those poses are legit, lol). When we’re ready to go, I’ll show you the shooting space, and lucky for you, you get to listen to me explain that I will make a huge mess, toss pillows all over the place, run up and down ladders, shoot from behind a fake palm, get hot + sweaty and most definitely lose my camera.

If you have kiddos to pick up after school, I highly recommend booking playdates that day. I don’t want you to be rushed to wrap things up, pack up in a fluster, throw your gorgeous waves up in an elastic and toss you a face wipe as you’re running out the door. Not exactly the relaxing end to such a fabulous day. However, if timing is a non-negotiable, then no problem at all! Just be sure to let me know ahead of time xo


Your Boudoir Boudoir Experience starts at $399. What’s included with that Session Fee?

  • A pre-session questionnaire so I can get to know YOU! Even down to your fave music and shoe size, lol! All part of the custom session xo
  • Professional hair and makeup styling at the studio
  • Tons of prep deets so you are ready from head to toe for your session
  • Time to shoot up to 4 outfits
  • Access to the client closet which includes lingerie( Xs-3X) and heels (6-10)
  • Fully guided posing the entire shoot!
  • Professional retouching and editing of all your final purchased images
  • A private, in-person reveal and ordering session to handpick your favourite images
  • A personal hype-woman! Me!! Lol. But legit, I know this is all super scary and nerve-racking. I’ve got you!
  • Prints, products and digital files are sold separately at your ordering appointment, starting at $1399, with most clients spending between $1800 – $3000. What you spend is up to you! And I offer payment plans so that you don’t have to leave behind any artwork you love, just ask! xoxo